Top 10 Baby Essentials

I can’t believe my little baby girl is almost 8 months old now. It sure has been a roller coaster since day one. Being a mom of two, one thing I can guarantee for sure is that baby girls and baby boys are sooo different. It has been a learning curve trying to keep up with and handle two together. Sometimes I wonder maybe I should have had less of an age gap or maybe more. I think the terrible twos are a fluke. It’s all about the three’s and may I add they are not only terrible they are downright horrible. A three year old toddler with an extremely naughty brain and a new born baby have been a hard mix to cope with after a caesarean. I went into normal labor and delivery with my first born. The second one however was a whole different ball game. I was in labor for more than 16 hours when the doctor decided to conduct a c-section as the baby was starting to get stressed. A caesarean birth is quite traumatic on the body and made me wonder why in the world people actually go through this as an elected procedure.

After these 8 months, here are a few tried and tested items which I feel are a must have for first/second/whichever  time moms. They surely have made a significant difference to our day to day lives and I would recommend them with my eyes closed.


1. The Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

When I first got this bassinest, my husband gave me one of those looks saying ‘Do we really need a new one?’. We had an old one from Walmart which we got for our first born and never used. You should ask him what he thinks of this bassinest now. It is completely and totally worth every cent that you spend on it especially if you’ve had a c-section. The swivel feature of the bassinest makes it unparalleled to any other product out there. It slides straight up close to you on the bed. Once the baby is asleep you can swivel it to the side without disturbing the baby to get up and move around. One side of the Bassinest is bendable to it is easy to take out and put the baby back in without having to stand up every time. The net on the sides make it easy to keep an eye on the baby at all times. (I know how paranoid we can be in the beginning if they decide to sleep longer, the to make sure they are breathing). The net also makes it a Safe Sleeper for infants and is endorsed by the CJ Foundation for Sids. The pockets on the side make diaper changes comparatively easier as you have everything close at hand. It is one of the most convenient and practical item we purchased. With my first born we co-slept till he was 5-6 months. But with my daughter because of this bassinest she has been sleeping on her own since day one.


2. Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets

I got these for my first born, used them literally everyday for two years and have now used them again for my daughter. That goes to show just how good the quality of these blankets are. They are extremely versatile and can be used for literally everything, to swaddle, cover baby when outside, carseat cover, burp cloth, it is a multi purpose item. The softness and quality of the cloth is unmatchable compared to all the other swaddle blankets in the market. The best part is that they only get softer and better with use.


3. Water Wipes

I wish I used these with my first born. I thought wipes are wipes you just need to clean their poos and pees. But NO. These are unlike any other wipe. Once you start using these its hard to switch back to any other brand. They are more moist compared to most major brands available in the market, therefore you use less wipes when cleaning. They clean better and most importantly are chemical free. 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract. Not only are they good for the babies but a God sent for moms as one wipe goes a long way. I would recommend buying them in bulk from Amazon as it is the most economical.

Coconut oil and fresh coconut

4. Coconut Oil

I used coconut oil religiously on my first born. It is a great natural way to moisturize babies and toddlers. I use coconut oil to give my baby girl a massage before she takes a bath. It helps make the skin soft and supple. The massage strengthens her muscles. The oil nourishes the skin and helps in hair growth.


5. Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Again one of those investments I wish we had made earlier with our first born. It is a formula dispenser which helps make night feeds a breeze. With a screaming baby every passing second feels like an eternity. With the Baby Brezza you just place the bottle on the holder and it dispenses the correct amount of water and formula for 2,4,6,8 or 10 ounces of milk. It maintains the perfect temperature of water for babies – not too hot and not too cold – just perfect. No more fumbling around at night trying to fill the bottle to the right amount and scooping out formula. It is certainly more sanitary and a hygienic process as long as you clean the machine on a regular basis. The Formula Pro does it all for you, all you need to do is shake the bottle and serve. A must have for all formula fed babies.


6. Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

I swaddled both my kids and it most certainly helped them sleep better and longer. The Sleepsack makes swaddling a breeze (even for dads). It is safe as it keeps all possibilities of loose cloth covering your babies face at bay. The legs are placed in the loose sack allowing freedom of movement and is recognized as ‘Hip Healthy’. The stick-on fasteners are adjustable and grow with your baby. The Fleece versions keep babies warm at night while you sleep in peace instead of putting the blanket back on again a million times.


7. Zip Up One-Pieces

Easily available from all baby stores, for my baby girl I have always been on the look out for zip up one pieces. The ease of zipping them back up instead of fumbling around with buttons in the middle of the night after a poop change beats everything else. They are easy, comfortable and hassle free especially when you have a toddler needing you attention on the side.


8. Nose Frieda

In the first year of the babies birth they are bound to get some sort of a viral infection. Since I have a toddler going to pre-school (the homely abode of all big and small germs and infections) we have gone through quite a few nights with stuffy noses, fevers and congestion. All mommy’s would agree how helpless you can feel when you can hear all the mucus going up and down as the babies struggle to breathe and there is nothing you can do about it. The Nose Frieda clears the snot out and helps with breathing when done regularly after a few hours. Do not use the Nose Frieda without a Saline Spray as it can be harsh and cause pain to the baby. The Saline Spray softens all the mucus and the Nose Frieda then sucks it out clearing the nose and helping your baby sleep better. I certainly find it more effective than the traditional Bulb Syringe.


9. Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker

With my first born I slaved away hours using the traditional steel steamer baskets for steaming all the veggies/fruits and then used the vitamix to make the purees.I had my doubts if I would be able to do it with my second as I had a toddler, husband and house to take care of too. I really did not want to resort to the packaged baby food available in the market, thinking of all the preservatives and chemicals makes me shudder. All hail to the moms who have to go down that route after all its your personal choice, but for me if I’m bringing a baby to this world its my responsibility to give them the best nutrients they can have especially as their first foods and introduction to solids. The Baby Brezza Food Maker has been a life saver in a number of ways. It has enabled me to feed my little one fresh and nutritional food everyday. All you have to do is cut up the veggies or fruits of your choice, put them in the machine and it steams and blends the food on its own ready for you to scoop out into a bowl for your baby to relish. Clean up is a breeze as the bowl, blade and cover are dishwasher safe. It is easy, saves time and very convenient. For our family it has been worth the money for sure.


10. Baby Car Seat Carrier

Finding the perfect stroller for your new born is kind of hard with the immense variety we have out there. For the first 9-12 months of the babies life they stay in their car seat no matter where you travel. When your out an about the baby is bound to fall asleep in their seats so there is no need to faff around trying to move them into a stroller. I would recommend getting a carrier, which fits almost all major brands of car seats, that you can use for the first few months until you are ready to move onto a stroller. You can fold and unfold the carrier with one hand, click on the car seat and you are on your way. Economical, Practical and Convenient.

So those have been my top ten tried and tested baby must haves. Let me know your thoughts, ideas and suggestions!

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