Quick and Easy Nutella Brioche Flower

This recipe for a Nutella Brioche Flower has been rotating around facebook for a while and I recently saw Sorted from Youtube’s version of it. I love how intricate and impressive the flower looked and I wanted to give it a try. I took my own take on the recipe and used Betty Crocker’s Pizza Crust Mix to make it quick, easy and save time and energy. The results were absolutely phenomenal, soft layered crust with goey warm nutella, no wonder the whole 10 inch flower was dimished overnight! 

I used three packs of the Betty Crocker Pizza Crust Mix, followed the instructions on the back to make the dough and left it covered for 10 mins in a warm place. The dough almost doubled in size and became super soft. Please have a look at the video from Sorted linked below for instructions on how to layer and construct the flower. I used the Betty Crocker recommended baking temperature and time. It took me approximately 15-20 minutes to make the flower from scratch. When you look at the finished dessert, it is so impressive it seems like you spent hours labouring away in the kitchen. It’s the perfect Wow factor for your dinner party. 



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