Father’s Day

I had two very special men to celebrate this Father’s Day, my dad and my hubby! Both very special in their own rights. I wanted to make them both feel special so I set of with two separate baking agendas in mind.

For my husband I decided to use my Nutella Cupcakes Recipe to build a Cupcake Bouquet. I got a small flower pot from Michaels and glued in a styrofoam ball. Using toothpicks and buttercream icing as glue, I arranged all the mini cupcakes into this beautiful bouquet! It was a show stealer, the Nutella surprise in the cupcakes was well received everyone was in awe of the finished masterpiece.

IMG_5750 IMG_5744-0 IMG_5745For my dad, I made a Chocolate Malt Cake with a Chocolate Ganache filling. I decorated the cake with coloured ruffles, going up from Saphire Blue to Teal and ending with Gold using cream cheese frosting.The cake was moist, chocolatey and melted in the mouth. The cream cheese frosting balanced out the sweetness of the cake. It was a hit amongst the guests and everyone enjoyed every bite.

IMG_5746 IMG_5753 IMG_5754 IMG_5752Let me know if you would like a recipe or a tutorial on any one of these and I would love to do an detailed post for you. Even though I do believe that everyday is father’s day yet I feel there is no harm in making them feel extra special and showing your love and gratitude for all they they do. Hope you enjoyed celebrating the special father’s in your life!

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