Simple Cleansing Micellar Water

Finally a drugstore Micellar Water hits the US racks. Having lived in Europe, where Micellar Water is quite easily available and commonly used in skincare regimes, I found it quite hard to find a reasonably priced product in the States. I like the Micellar Water Sephora recently introduced though it is price at $20 plus tax it comes with a pump and does the job. However it turns out to be quite pricey considering how quickly you go through the bottle when using it on a daily basis.The Simple Micellar Water is affordably priced at $6.99 and is easily available at all drugstores.

Micellar water is a skincare product that removes makeup and cleanses the skin, without the need for rinsing. These have been widely available in French pharmacies for many years, and gained a cult following internationally as skincare enthusiasts, makeup artists and bloggers discovered them through the digital grapevine. I however do not use this product as recommended, as mentioned earlier I’m more of a soap, water and splashes kind of a girl when it comes to skincare. I use this to remove my makeup and cleanse my skin followed by a thorough wash with a foaming cleanser of choice.

IMG_5204The Simple brand is famous for using ‘skin loving’ ingredients that are perfect for sensitive skin. I prefer using this formula to remove all dirt and makeup over using a makeup remover full of harsh chemicals. The Simple Micellar Water is a gentle formula that works perfectly for my skin type (oily t-zone with dry patches). It leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated. The amount of dirt and makeup it gets off is quite amazing considering how light and refreshing the formula is. It is quite similar to water in consistency, smell and colour. It removes a full face of makeup with two cotton pads however it is not so great with waterproof makeup by itself. When removing waterproof makeup I generally give the area a massage with coconut oil and then use the micellar water and it works like a charm.

Considering the price, how it removes makeup, leaves the skin clean and hydrated, works great with sensitive acne prone skin and is free from harsh chemicals. I would recommend using it as a part of your skincare routine as it has definitely improved mine!


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