Shrimps, the Beach and making our way Home!

We spent our last night at the Wyndham Santa Monica at the Pier Hotel, since our flight left LAX at 4 in the afternoon we planned to spend the day at the Santa Monica Beach before leaving for the airport. We packed up and left our luggage at the reception and made our way to the pier to enjoy the sun and beautiful waves before we headed back home.

image9-1For lunch, we decided to grab some shrimps to go from Bubba Gump Shrimps and enjoy them down at the ocean front. The coconut shrimps were crunchy and delicious. Baby A enjoyed the kids fish and chips while he played with the sand. At around 2.30 we decided to head back to the hotel to get our luggage and make our way to the Car Rental to return the Jeep.

image1-4We had the worst experience with United Airlines, our flight after delays on end took off at 8.30 pm. They boarded us at 6pm and made us wait two and a half hour on the plane. It was torturous, with a toddler in that small space where he could not move around and very little entertainment. We reached Chicago at 2 am, by the time we picked up our car from the airport parking and made it home it was 4.30 am. Not a great end to an amazing holiday. I have to say we definitely won’t be using United Airlines anytime soon!

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