LA Trip – Day 4 Disneyland

I know I know! Baby A is too young to 1. know what Disneyland is all about and 2. to remember any of it!! We got tickets to Disneyland more for us and a little for his growing love for Mickey Mouse. We figured we’d take him to Florida once he’s big enough and visit Disneyland while were here anyway to enjoy a bit of Walt Disney magic. It turned out that keeping one day for this park was quite a joke! It is absolutely huge! We barely managed to see three areas; FantasyLand, Tomorrowland and Mickey’s Toontown. The waiting time for all rides was a minimum 35-60 minutes, along with the shows we saw and the wait times we were hardly able to experience 5-7 rides.

HK_Disneyland_巴斯光年_星際歷險_Buzz_Lightyear_Astro_Blasters_visitors_train_Oct-2013_exhibit Autopia_at_Hong_Kong_DisneylandWe started off with Fantasyland, and got in line for the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. It was a fun ride where the hubby and I got into a fierce battle over who wins as baby A sat in the middle amused by all the lights and his parents going crazy. We then moved onto Autopia, the queue again was quite long full of teenage girls waiting to get their hands on a car they could drive! Baby A loved this ride and couldn’t quite figure out if it was a real car or one of his play cars.

DSC01560After Autopia, we skipped most of the rides with wait times over 80 minutes and got in line for the famous ride ‘It’s a Small World’. In my teenage years I remember taking this ride in Florida when our dad took us to DisneyWorld. I have to say Disney always gets to you! They way they have designed these rides and the way they capture your imagination as they engage you in the world they have built, is absolutely Magnificent. After the ride we watched Mickey’s Magical Map Show, Baby A clapped and danced along on all the songs thoroughly enjoying himself.

DSC01557 image11-1As we made our way into Fantasyland, just outside Storybrookland we caught up with Mickey’s Soundsational Parade. All three of us enjoyed the show, entranced by the theatrics of all the actors and their props. After the show Baby A got quite tired from all the excitement of the day and fell asleep just as we were standing in line for Pinocchio’s Daring Journey. We took the ride anyway with Baby A fast asleep in his daddy’s arms. When the ride ended we settled Baby A into his stroller to finish his nap and made our way to Village Haus for some drinks and snacks to enjoy outside with some peace and quite, well for the next 30 minutes at least!

DSC01537 DSC01538 DSC01539 DSC01540When Baby A woke up, we made our way to Mickey’s Toowntown to visit Mickey Mouse and his house. Baby A wasn’t quite happy to see him and Mickey Mouse ran and hid behind the pillar as Baby A started crying. Those pictures with baby A pouting as the two of us smiled with Mickey are quite hilarious and something ill tease baby A with for the rest of his life.

Mickeys_Toontown_entrance_sign maxresdefaultThe sun set and we made our way to sit and wait for Fantasmic. It was a stunning performance using light, sound and water to show all the theatrical magic only Disney can create. The show ended just in time for the Fireworks which were magical.

fantasmic Fantasmic (1)We walked to Downtown Disney for dinner at Naples Pizzeria. We were all exhausted from a day full of magic and wonder as we made our way to the parking and finally our hotel. For anyone planning to visit DisneyLand California my sincere advice would be to get tickets for at least three days to be able to enjoy the DisneyLand Park and see all that it has to offer. I would add another two days for the Disney California Adventure Park.

2 thoughts on “LA Trip – Day 4 Disneyland

  1. Two shows, a parade and a handful of rides is pretty good in a single day. Nearing the summer like this, multiple days is a must. Especially since it’s the start of the 60th anniversary celebration.
    Sounded like a good day though.

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