LA Trip – Day 3 Catalina Island

After two days of continuous exploring and grey weather, it finally turned sunny and hot so we decided to have a relaxing day at the beach. We bought tickets for the Catalina Express which might I say were not cheap and boarded the ferry to Catalina Island at 11 am. The view on arrival was breathtaking, the small hilly island greets you with its quaint waterfront. This hidden treasure cove is an absolute must see if you plan on visiting Los Angeles. The place is stunning from every angle, the Pier, the Casino, the Descanso Beach Club, each view tops the previous. Its a quite town, very picturesque and relaxing, the perfect getaway to recharge your batteries.

image2-1image6We headed straight to the Descanso Beach Club, where we had lunch and then relaxed at the beach for hours on end while baby A went to town with the sand. It was his first time at a beach in the sun and he loved it, throwing fist full of sand in his hair, down his shirt, at the sea gulls from afar and when I changed his diaper he had a minimum 2 cups of sand and even a sea shell in there! He had a blast while we laid back and enjoyed the tranquility of the ocean waves and the soothing heat from the sun.

image10 image11 image8As the evening drew near we packed up and walked from Descanso to Crescent Avenue. We got a cone of ice cream each from the famous Olaf’s as we strolled through the storefronts and little cafes along the pier. It is a quaint little marketplace buzzing with laughter as families and friends enjoy food and drinks outside. We made our way to the Avalon port to take the last ferry back to Long Beach rejuvenated from the relaxing day at the most charmingly beautiful and scenic island.


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