LA Trip – Day 2 Universal Studios

The weather on Day 2 was quite unfavourable, the temperature was in the lower 50’s, it was windy and there were showers of rain expected throughout the day. We had got tickets to the Universal Studios Hollywood and were very excited so we decided to brave the weather. We got ourselves some umbrellas and ponchos, I kept a warm coat for baby A to stay prepared for the worst, and we headed out straight to the park.

Due to the poor weather forecast the park was not that busy, there were fewer people than expected which meant less waiting time for rides and shows and with a toddler I think it all worked out in our favour. As we entered the Universal Plaza, there were quite a few characters out to meet visitors. We were excited for baby A to meet Scooby Dooby Doo and Sponge Bob however baby A had the worst expected reaction to all the characters, he got amused and happy when we saw them from afar but as soon as we got near one he would start crying and throwing a fit, so we ended up taking pictures ourselves.

DSC01518Knowing the size of the park and considering that we had a toddler along we made a list of things that we absolutely could not miss. One of the most helpful thing we found online to plan our day was this site that showed us all the wait times live so we knew where to head to especially with a toddler that hates waiting in line. We headed straight to the Studio Tour first. On our way we met Marilyn Monroe, the Simpsons Family and Frankenstein. There was around a 25 minutes wait and then we got seated on to our tour tram. The tour was mind blowing, all of us loved it. The sets and the little world they had built inside the studio starting from little Europe to the plane crash set to the Jaws set, the detail and mechanics of each and every set was stunning and so surreal. I loved the set from War of the Worlds showing the plane crash, the detail in that and how everything was presented just blew my mind.

DSC01658We got off the trams in a daze from all the unbelievable craftsmanship that goes behind the scenes of all the feature films that we see on our screens. It was then time for the Universal Animal Actor’s show that we were looking forward to as baby A loves all animals and we knew it was something he would enjoy. We ran and made our way just in time for the show to start. Baby A loved each and every part of it as he sat in his dads lap pointing out the ‘Woof Woofs’, the ‘Meows’ and the ‘birdies’. We were all very fascinated and impressed with all the tricks and stunts these animals were able to do and how the trainers trained them with such perfection.

maxresdefault DSC01466 DSC01467On our way to WaterWorld where the show was about to start in another 5 minutes, we met Shrek and the Donkey outside Shrek 4D, I have to say who ever does the Donkey character is the funniest guy ever he gave us the giggles. We had a misconception that the waterworld show might involve dolphins and other animals however it was more of an action packed show with stunts and explosive and firefights. We sat through it for about 15 minutes but then decided to leave as it was not baby A’s piece of cake and seemed a little melodramatic to us so we decided to catch the Special Effects Show instead. It was quite an entertaining show more targeted towards adults where they showed how animations are made and tell us about 3D Technology. Baby A loved the bit with the Astronaut floating up and down in the air.

maxresdefault (1)After the show we made our way to the Lower Deck where we let baby A play in the Dino Play for Kids soft play area as both the husband and I took turns to take the rides that we were excited about. My husband went to take the Transformers ride and the Revenge of the Mummy as I looked after baby A. I took the Jurassic Park ride as he took care of baby A.

DSC01473Since it was a Friday, the park closed at 6 pm, so we made our way towards the Super Silly Fun Land that had rides for toddlers and where the famous Despicable Me Minion Mayhem was located. Baby A had fun enjoying the rides with Daddy as I left to experience the Minion Mayhem since baby A did not come up to the height restriction on the ride. As I got off the ride everyone was heading out towards the front gate as it was just about closing time.

Super Silly Fun Land UniversalDSC01502image4-3 image5-2We made our way out to the parking and decided to make our way California Pizza Kitchen for dinner located on Hollywood Boulevard. We love their Kung Pao Spaghetti with shrimps peanuts and red chillies, we always ask them to make it spicy for an extra kick. We ordered a thin crust Margherita Pizza along with that for Baby A and us all to share.

120625_goldsmith_cpk_0746_lores_company 130501_goldsmith_cpk-1064_lores_companyAfter the delicious meal we decided to take a stroll on the Walk of Fame and visit the Forecourt of the Stars and the Chinese Theatre which was just minutes away. Baby A was well amused with all the stars on the pathway and the various characters standing outside the Chinese Theatre. We had fun in the forecourt trying to find the hand and footprints of all our favourite stars and pondered on how their marks have forever been cemented to the ground.

IMG_7551-a blIt had been a long fun packed day and we were all getting tired so we made our way back to the hotel. Baby A was fast asleep within 2 minutes of the drive. Let’s see where Day 3 takes us!

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