LA Trip – Day 1 Beverly Hills

We started off Day one in LA in a more posher side of the world. We drove through the Hollywood boulevard up to Rodeo Drive and had a stroll around the unimaginably expensive stores. For lunch we headed up to Fred’s at Barney’s New York to enjoy food overlooking stunning hollywood views. I had the Beverly Hills Club Sandwich with prawns, crab and avocado, the husband had Penne di Farro Vegan Bolognese and we ordered a side of fries for baby A. The people there and the atmosphere was quite posh yet fake. Sophisticatedly dressed up people around us talking about business deals in millions made us feel a little out of place with us trying to keep baby A busy with crayons while waiting for our lunch. But the views and warm weather certainly made up for it. Baby A enjoyed the penne pasta with daddy and gave cheeky smiles to everyone around us.






After lunch we drove around beverly hills, amazed and completely awe struck by the mansions owned by different celebrities imagining the sort of lifestyle they live. All we could see on the roads were either paparazzi sitting in cars outside homes with their cameras at the ready or butlers carrying around different items as they headed inside the gated residences. We caught the tour bus taking around people to different celebrity homes and saw Tom Cruise’s and Micheal Jacksons as we followed them around.


As the evening drew near went to the Santa Monica Pier and the beach, but quite soon the weather started getting a bit grey. It got chilly and since we weren’t dressed that warmly baby A’s teeth started chattering from the cold so we decided to head to the Santa Monica Place that was nearby and had a play area for kids. Baby A was thrilled to be able to run around with other kids and take the slide. The food court had an amazing place called Crepe Maker, they made the most delicious crepes with fresh strawberries, bananas and nutella served with a scoop of ice cream.


By this time we were completely full to the brim after those amazing crepes so we decided to make our way back to the hotel and call it a night, very excited for our plans of Day 2!

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