TRESemme Runway Collection – Max The Volume

So who doesn’t like voluminous full bodied hair?! As soon as I saw these two products in the aisle I grabbed them for my basket. I have thin long hair that is usually in a messy bun as I’m busy with my little toddler and house chores. Anything that boasts volume especially at the roots I’m all up to give it a go! I got the TRESemme Max the Volume Root Lifting Cream and Lightweight Moisturizing Lotion.

After washing and conditioning my hair, I rub a pea size amount of the Root Lifting Cream in my palm and apply it to my roots. The texture of the cream is more like a balm, it has quite a thick consistency. I was a bit thrown off by the texture and thought it was going to feel quite crunchy and gritty but as soon at i started blowdrying my hair and it got exposed to heat the cream emulsified. It gives your hair texture the sort you achieve by applying dry shampoo to freshly washed hair. It leaves my hair feeling soft and instead of lying completely flat as it normally does it gives it shape and lift. I absolutely love the effect it has on my hair especially since just the sheer length of my hair weighs it down and the effect of most products last no more than 2 hours. This cream however helps my hair maintain body and shape for 2 days straight and that too without feeling like I have any product in my hair at all. The key to getting the best effect, I feel is taking the right amount as a little goes a long way and using the product when you intend to blow dry it. I would not recommend using this product and air drying your hair as you will not get the full effect it has to offer.

I apply about 2-3 pumps of the Lightweight Mosturizing Lotion from the mid lengths of my hair to the ends. The lotion itself has a very airy weightless feel and applies very smoothly. It is formulated with aloe vera, cucumber and jojoba. It does a great job with taming frizz and maintaining moisture in my hair. It keeps the fly aways at bay without weighing the hair down. I have used the product before blow drying and air drying my hair and it works perfectly both ways. My hair feels silky, smooth and voluminous. It does not make my hair greasy or oily by nighttime as most of these products do and  I certainly notice a big difference when I haven’t used it.

On the whole I have been loving both these products and would recommend giving them a go for anyone who loves a bit of volume and body to their hair.

They are extremely affordable and easily available at all drugstores. You can check them out at Ulta, TRESemme, Walgreens, CVS, DuaneReade and Walmart.

Have a lovely weekend!


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