2 Ingredient Flourless Nutella Cake

Being an avid fan of Masterchef Australia, I was in awe of the amazingly easy cake Matt Preston put together in a master class on one of the episodes. So for my brother’s birthday this week I decided to give this recipe a go.

All you need are 4 large eggs and ¾ cup plus 1 tablespoon of Nutella. Crack the eggs into the mixing bowl and using an electric mixer whip them into soft peaks. They should be triple in volume, whitish in color and when you lift up the mixer the peaks should maintain its shape for 4-5 seconds. Soften the Nutella in the microwave for 20-30 seconds without making it too hot in temperature. Fold in the egg mixture a little at a time very gently so that the eggs remain fluffy and light. Pour the batter into your prepared pan and place it in your pre-heated oven at 347 F for 20-25 minutes.

Let it cool for 15-20 minutes before removing from the pan and Voila! Your cake is ready. For my brother’s birthday cake I iced it with a layer of Nutella mixed with a little Whipping cream and topped it off with some fresh strawberries.The texture of the cake is more like a Nutella Torte really rich and decadent. My brother loved every bite of it. Hope you enjoy it too!




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