A More Mindful Burger

In this age of technology and research everyone is fast becoming more aware and conscious of what they eat, where is comes from and what it’s been through (which can be quite gruesome in some cases trust me!). Every little change in the right direction altogether makes a big impact. Epic Burger is one company that strongly follows that ethos of healthy, fresh and nutritious living. It can be seen in their food, their culinary philosophy, their decor, their advertisement and everything they portray they aim for it to be ‘green’.

image1image5 As my husband is an Auditor and is currently going through the busiest time of the year, weekends are the only time we get to relax and bond together as a family. This weekend for lunch, we decided to head over to South State Street for a taste of their juicy beef epic burger.

image6-2 image3-2The ambience of this location and Epic Burger in general is very relaxed and welcoming. With our toddler with us, I was quite anxious if they provided high chairs, as it was a burger joint. I was quite happy to see that not only did they have the chair but also they had a very family friendly environment and open spaces for my son to walk around. It had a trendy vibe about it with the funky light shades hanging down in the red and yellow hues.

They offer a simple make it your own menu. You decide which burger you want and then make it your own with the different variety of condiments.

image9-1 image10-1

I chose the Beef Epic Burger in a white bun with fried egg, lettuce, grilled onions and cheddar cheese. I decided to leave out the Epic sauce as that is made with white wine. My husband opted for the more common theme of Beef Epic Burger in a white bun with cheddar cheese, lettuce and raw onions accompanied by their thick and creamy chocolate shake. On ordering we got a ticket number and the server brought the food to our table as soon as it was ready which was hardly 5 minutes.

image2-1 image11 image7
Everything was made fresh to order. The shake was made behind the open bar where we could see the whole process. The buns are made fresh daily and are very light and aromatic. The all-natural beef patty is very juicy and mouth watering. The fries are fluffy from the inside and crispy from outside with bits of the skin left on seasoned with pure sea salt.

image4 image7 image8The whole meal is very fulfilling yet when your finished you don’t feel heavy or gluttony. The use of organic natural products really does make a difference and can be seen in the quality of their food. They source their Beef from Creekstone Farms which lucky for us is a fully Zabihah Halal beef processing company.

Overall we loved the place and my husband has been raving about it to his colleagues all week. The Epic Rules that they support are commendable and very praiseworthy. I can sense another visit coming up soon!

For details on their locations and menus please have a look here.

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